Tips for Finding a Harley Davidson Near My Location

Did you know women are one of the fastest growing sectors of Harley Davison enthusiasts? Women now make up 20 percent of all Harley riders with men still representing the lion’s share of motorcycle owners. If you’re considering joining these ranks and going all in on a new or new-to-you HOG, here are a few tips for finding a Harley Davidson near my location to get you started. 

Consider what you want and need 

There are many different types of Harley’s on the market and when shopping for your first one, it’s important to carefully consider what you want and need out of the bike. How much do you plan on riding it? How experienced are you as a rider? What’s your budget? These are all very important questions to ask yourself well before you start your search for Harley Davidson near my location.  

Search “Harley Davidson Near My Location”

Once you have a pretty solid idea of what you’re looking for, hit the internet and search “Harley Davidson near my location.” The results will be filtered by your geographic location which will mean shopping will be close and convenient depending on where you live. Hopefully, your results will return a few shops and showrooms close by that you can make multiple visits before settling on your bike.

Filter through results of “Harley Davidson Near My Location”

Once you have the list of shops near you, you can do a little more research online. Check out their websites to get a sense of what kind of inventory do they carry? Depending on whether you’re in the market for a new or used bike, you’ll want their inventory to reflect what you’re shopping for. Don’t forget to check out their social media too which can shed light on the shopping experience and service after the sale that previous customers have had. All of these factors help you find the right shop to deal with.  

Finally, go check out bikes

Once you’ve identified a couple of shops that fit your needs and wants, make a plan to visit. You’ll probably want to visit a shop a couple of times, carefully looking over the inventory and making a sound choice on your new bike. Be sure you feel comfortable there, and the staff seems responsive and patient when answering the litany of questions you’ll probably have. 

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