Reasons to Consider Motorcycle Consignment in Denver

Consignment is the idea that you bring something of value to a business that specializes in that thing and that already draws in a customer base interested in that thing. That business then markets and tries to sell your thing of value to said customers and if successful, everyone makes money. There are plenty of solid reasons to consider motorcycle consignment in Denver whether you’re looking to sell your bike, upgrade your existing bike, or even buy a brand new one. 

Finding a motorcycle consignment

Whether you have a bike to sell or if you’re looking for a used one, the first step is to find shops that specialize in motorcycle consignment in Denver.  Head online for a quick internet search, or search your most used social media channels for leads on shops. You can quickly glean from customer reviews and experiences shared on social media which shops might be the best places to start. 

Visit the store

If you’re looking to buy a bike, make a mental checklist of the must-haves for your new set of wheels, and establish a budget for the purchase. You can buy a bike on consignment just as easy as any other bike in a store’s inventory.  If you’re looking to sell your bike, head into the store with a few most recent pictures on your phone and have a talk about the process with the staff on hand. 

Selling on consignment is better than trading in

If you have your eye on a new bike at a dealership, you should resist the urge to trade your current bike in for it. You’ll get less money than it’s worth and there might be a better way. Consignment works differently in that your bike could fetch a higher price than a dealership was willing to give you based on what a potential buyer offers. This could mean a little extra cash in your pocket or more money to spend on a new motorcycle.   

Other advantages of motorcycle consignment

A few other key advantages to using motorcycle consignment in Denver to buy and sell motorcycles is the potential outreach of the bike shop. They can market their inventory to a wide range of potential customers, far greater than your local classifieds or social media marketplace. The consignment process also means that the store will answer all inquiries about the bike so you won’t have to answer phone calls night and day asking for details. It’s a win win for both you and the shop and something you should consider for both selling and buying motorcycles. 

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