4 Signs It’s Time for New Motorcycle Tires

Just like in your car, high quality tires in good shape are critical to the safe performance of your motorcycle. If you’re new to motorcycle maintenance it might be tricky to figure out if the tires on your bike are still in good shape. Here’s what to look for and when to know that it’s time for new  motorcycle tires.

Tread signals time for new motorcycle tires

Also just like a car, the tread on your tire determines how much longer it’s safe to roll on them. It’s smart to have a trained motorcycle technician inspect your bike annually to measure tread and other safety components of the vehicle. Your motorcycle tires should have a 1/32 or 2/32 tread to be considered safe for the road. Anything less and that’s a sure sign it’s time for new motorcycle tires Denver. Many tires also have tread wear indicators on them which make it easy to spot [...]

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